essie gel

Descubre los 76 tonos de gel que te harán brillar más que nunca

colores en gel

with the band
twill seeker
shall we shalet
pile on the lux
peak show
orange you adorable
on a silver spoon
manic monday
lucky tuxe
in my boyfriend jeans
eternal optimist
cozy in my cashmere
chin chilly
chic in the heat
button on up
russian roulette
mint candy apple
smokin hot
sexy divide
merino cool
meet me at the sunset
go ginza
bikini so teeny
ballet slippers
perfect clarity
silver lining
models n baubles
vip list
bring me another
valet to my chalet
cliff dive
tahiti sea
sew excited
fancy a brulee
fiery spice
roaming rodeo
sunset for two
post modern peach
sweeten the deal
nighty nightie
more than a cute face
captivate me
my private paradise
ballroom dance
flare to dare
break a sweat
pole dancing
club hopping
decadent and divine
dizzy feet
life partner
rags to riches
members only
sweater girl
leather on top
net worth
fashion crowd
scavenger hunt
frisky femininity
major moments
moody mood
puffer up
hand knit turtleneck
super good
duster not buster
street rocker
private lessons
chili pepper
on my team
well collected
glamping not camping
another round
deep pockets
amusing bouche
virgin snow
in the lobby
haute tub
bell bottom blues
leggy legend
apres chic

lo nuevo

on a silver spoon
city jungle
riviera chic
orange you adorable
manic monday
chic in the hit
innocent side
in my boyfriend jeans
lucky tuxe
so cocoa
cozy in my cashmere
twill seeker
button on up
the award goes to
pile on the lux


prep + finish limpiador de uñas
En sus marcas. Listos. Limpia
base coat
Prepara. Protége. Perfeciona.
top coat
Ve largo. Ve fuerte.
top coat matte
Efectos de color y acabado matte.
gel remover
Resiste a todo y no lastima.
Estilo y durabilidad.
lámpara profesional de LED
Rápido color a la moda a la velocidad de la luz.